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Established in 2010, Sørvindu has it's showroom and offices at our 500m² facility in Lillesand, Norway. We operate our own, state of the art, window and door factory in Lithuania. We have a staff of five in Norway and 25 at our factory.

We focus on supplying top quality windows and doors for homes and cabins crafted from aluminium and sourced from several of the world's best manufacturers. These are mainly in slimline variations. 

We believe that we offer the most complete range of products available in Norway when it comes to high quality aluminium windows and doors.

At Sørvindu we also develop our own customised products. For example, we are the only supplier in the market offering aluminum husmor/toppsving windows with Norwegian style fittings and a frame/sash width of only 80mm.

We specialise in installation, with our own boat, mini-crane on caterpillar tracks and glass installation robot.

Sørvindu works in close partnership with some of the leading architect agencies in Norway for the home and cabin sector. This provides us with a constantly changing set of challenges which we enjoy meeting!

If you're interested in what we can do for you and the products we offer then please don't hesitate to get in tough with us!

The Sørvindu team.


See the video below, showing out 500 square metre showroom in Lillesand.


Sørvindu deliver windows and doors to a range of beautiful and amazing projects.

In respect of our customers' privacy there are many projects which we are unable to present publicly, but we are able to show a small selection here. You can also get a taste of the possibilities our products offer by visiting our Sørvindu Facebook page, and seeing several projects under installation and in their final finished beauty!

The projects presented here also have information about the architects and developers involved in the process and by holding your mouse over the "categories" you can visit the respective websites.

We hope this will give you some inspiration and also confidence in us as a trusted supplier for your future projects.


The architect has specified, amongst other things, 18 metres of contiguous aluminium framed windows on the 2nd floor. This consists of 3 glued glass corners and 3 sliding doors as well as several fixed window sections. There are a total of 7 sliding doors and 5 glued glass corners in this cabin. A challenging and inspiring design from an architect aiming to use the potential of aluminium products to their fullest. As you can see in the photos, the results are nothing less than perfection!

Entreprenør: Hagalia Byggservice

Systemer:  CP 130,  SL38

Byggeår: 2017


The architect has designed a contemporary gem beside the ocean - cocooned against the raw nature of wind and weather and with a sheltered atrium. Take special note of the facade system which compliments the kitchen fittings. A project where we have used slimline outward opening windows, folding doors, sliding doors and facade system for a delightful finished product.

Entreprenør: Mesel & Sønner

Systemer:  CP 130,  SL38 , CF 68

Byggeår: 2018



A project where all solutions are top of the line and, amongst other things, with a rather challenging large roof construction where few sections are ever perpendicular to one another and with an integrated sliding door section providing access to the roof itself.

The most spectacular point however, is the Hi-Finity door with open corner feature and driven by electric motors. This gives an open corner where the door sections can be operated independently of one another. See the video here which shows a similar installation in use: Hi-Finity open corner.

Outward tilting windows are also used with ultra-slim profiles, as well as folding doors and glued glass corners. 

This has been one of our most challenging projects so far but also one of the most rewarding!

Entreprenør: Torbjørn Ryen

Byggeår: 2018



Egra Eiendom are a developer who build spectacular properties for a reasonable price. Customised and detail oriented features are the hallmark across their whole range.

This is just one of several projects we have delivered doors and windows for over recent years. Here, as with most of their other designs, the focus has been upon slimline products and creative door solutions.

Arkitekt: Egra Eiendom

Entreprenør: Egra Eiendom

Systemer:   ML8CF68, SL38

Byggeår: 2016/17



A holiday property along the beautiful coast between Kristiansand and Lillesand with a fantastic view of the ocean!

Logg Architects have designed a beautiful and detailed cabin. The atrium provides shelter from the sea winds and the possibility to enjoy the evening sun in calm comfort. A modern but timeless design with special focus given to the outdoor spaces.

We had the privilege of providing all products in aluminium for a result marked by it's use of slim facades, several glued glass corners and slimline windows. Two sliding doors with a height of 3.2 metres and a total width of 6 metres are certainly the most eye catching features of this creation.

Well, apart from the location that is - wow!


Arkitekt:Logg Arkitekter

Entreprenør: BM Ole Morten Johannessen

Systemer:  SL38CW 50, CP155 Slim line

Byggeår: 2018/2019



This home, built in 2017, is situated on the idyllic island of Flekkerøy. The owner is also the architect, and has designed an outstanding construction with extremely high standards. With views out over the Skagerak sea and sun from morning to evening, it has an atrium with swimming pool facing west which gives an added touch to an already wonderful project. Congratulations to the Kristiansen family on your dream home!

Sørvindu have delivered a solution of slimline aluminium doors and windows including several folding doors for this beautiful building.


Entreprenør: Sørhus AS

Systemer:  SL38, CF 68 foldedør

Byggeår: 2017



A spectacular building under development now and designed by Logg Architects. Our solution consists of slimline windows and doors, several glued glass corners and the crown jewels of two motorised sliding doors from Vitrocsa with one utilising a glued corner. The doors glide silently and shine with pure quality. We look forward to having a photoshoot as soon as this project is finished and ready!


Arkitekt:Logg Arkitekter

Entreprenør: Villa Snekkeriet

Systemer:  SL38CW 50, Vitrocsa V56

Byggeår: 2019/2020



Read the latest updates from Sørvindu

Glazing Vision - Norwegian dealership

February 2020

Sørvindu have been approved as the Norwegian supplier for Glazing Vision, a renowned manufacturer of products with a focus on use in roofing solutions. Available in a range of designs and variations, these are products we are really looking forward to including in our product catalogue and which we believe will enable us to provide the complete spectrum of solutions in our portfolio.

Read more at https://www.glazingvision.eu/ and see for yourself!

Vitrocsa - the original now available in Norway

April 2019

Sørvindu are now the sole supplier of Vitrocsa products to the Norwegian and Danish markets. Our factory will soon be certified as an authorised producer of these top quality products, as we already are for Schuco and Reynaers - something which is a reflection of the trust and reliability we are recognised for.

Switzerland's Vitrocsa is the original "frameless" sliding and pivot door manufacturer from as far back as 1992 - everything else on the market are just copies of this original!

With Vitrocsa behind us, Sørvindu can offer our own range of products in whole aluminium across a range of price points. Vitrocsa represent the peak of high end solutions for the luxury market and will be the jewel of our range.

Read more at www.vitrocsa.ch and be convinced!

Topsving windows in aluminium



As the sole supplier in the Norwegian market we have developed a window which gives us a big advantage - the classic Norwegian «husmorvinduet» (housewife's window). The window is delivered with Norwegian Spilka hinges and has a slim edge/frame construction giving more glass area. It can, for example, be used in combination with glass facades, sliding doors and other window solutions.

Aluminium products from Schüco



Sørvindu has expanded it's portfolio of Reynaers products by adding Schüco to it's range. In this way we are able to offer a wider range and give our customers a wider spectrum with which to achieve their goals - something that can only be good for everyone involved! 

Mini crane



Our new mini crane makes complicated installations easier. The crane can lift across 14 metres and is equipped with a jib and winch. It's really useful on islands and small building sites where we need to install large, heavy glass sections.

Reynaers whole aluminium slimline products



Startup of production of door and window products in whole aluminium from high end supplier Reynaers. Sørvindu's focus on large glass area products has culminated in this distribution and manufacturing agreement with one of the leading names in the field.


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